Q? What are our Payment Terms?
Full payment is required at the time of your booking. Payment can be accepted by emailing through our web site in Contact Us, or Book Now or by contacting the office. The booking customer or agent is responsible for conveying these terms to all parties who have booked a tour. Please note if a customer cancels within one week prior to the tour a 90% refund will be effective.

Q? Is GST included or exclusive?
All booking fees are GST inclusive. All tour fees are in Australian dollars.

Q? Do we receive a booking confirmation?
When you book a tour either online or by phone and full payment has been received and processed via the bank, you will immediately receive a confirmation email and an sms with all your details and the tour you have booked on.

Q? Do you receive a reminder of the tour booking?
A? Yes, the day before your booking, you will receive an email and a sms, reminding you off the tour you have booked on. If you have any questions please contact Dianne from Dianne’s Venture Tours on 03 5952 5480

Q? What is Dianne’s Venture Tours cancellation policy?
All cancellations must be confirmed in writing (email) or by telephone (03 5952 5480) of any cancellation or amendments to a booking.
Our cancellation policy:
  • Payments can be refunded or transferred to another tour if cancellation is made at least 30 days prior to the tour.
  • Cancellation within 30 days of the tour will result in a 85% refund.
  • Cancellations within 14 days will be refunded at 50% of the tour price.
  • Cancellations within 48 hours of the tour or failure to take up the tour will result in 1005 loss of the tour price.
  • If the tour is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, the customer has an option to rebook on another exact tour at no cost or request a full refund.

Please note: If a tour is cancelled, the customer must rely upon any travel insurance they hold for compensation and where possible Dianne’s Venture Tours will arrange a similar tour.

And if for unforeseen circumstances due to a medical problem the customer has to cancel their tour and the customer has a medical certificate, Dianne’s Venture Tours will assess each case and decide if a full refund will be given.  
Our refund policy is separate from and doesn’t affect the warranties/protection under the Trade Practices Act.

Q? How many people will be on any one tour?
Dianne’s Venture Tours have a minimum of 2 customers to a maximum of 10 customers on any one tour.

Q? What is the age group of all the tours?
All tours are available to people of any age, whether its singles, couples or families we can accommodate to any traveler. The maximum age limit all depends on the fitness of each customer and after receiving each medical report it is the decision by Dianne’s Venture Tours to accept or deny their booking.

Q? Rain, Hail or Heat Wave?
  • In most cases regardless of the weather all tours will be continue operating.
  • However, if the weather is predicted to be poor conditions, Dianne’s Venture Tours will contact you the day before the tour if the tour will continue or be cancelled. If the tour is cancelled due to inclement weather, the customer has an option to rebook another tour at no cost or request a full refund.
  • If a tour is cancelled, the customer must rely upon any travel insurance they hold for compensation and where possible Dianne’s Venture Tours will arrange a similar tour.
Q? What equipment will you require?
This all depends on your tour. When you book your tour, you will receive a checklist of what is required to be brought along to the tour.

Q? What is provided by Dianne’s Venture Tours on the day of the tour?
Your friendly tour guide, Dianne will provide water and lollies to all customers, plus what is included in your tour.

Q? Dietary Requirements
Please let us know as soon as you book your tour if you require special dietary requirements. We will do our best to provide something fresh and yummy for you.

Q? Pick up and drop off?
Dianne’s Venture Tours provides a service to pick you up from your accommodation at ten start of the tour and drop you off at the end of your tour.

Q? Do Dianne’s Venture Tours provide an accommodation booking service?
No, it is up to the customer to arrange their own accommodation. If you require help in arranging this accommodation we can help you by suggesting available accommodation properties on Phillip Island.

Q? What are the customer’s responsibilities?
  • When you book a tour you will receive a number of documents that are required to be filled out and brought with you on the day of your tour. 
  • The customer accepts the physical risks involved in any one of our tours. The customer must not commence the tour if they are medically unfit to participate unless you have a medical certificate from your doctor. 
  • The customer is responsible for all their personal effects for loss or damage.
  • The customer must take out travel insurance covering tour cancellations, inability to participate or continue in a tour (for whatever reason), loss or damage to personal effects, medical, evacuation and repatriation expenses, and accidental death and disability.
Q? What are the responsibilities of Dianne’s Venture Tours?
In accepting a tour booking, Dianne’s Venture Tours agrees to;
  • Maintaining public liability and indemnity insurance to cover liabilities of customers (however customers are advised to rely upon their own travel insurance in almost all instances where injury, loss or damage is suffered to themselves or their effects).
  • To maintain licenses and permits necessary to carry out all tours.
  • To ensure a friendly and personalised service to all customers and will have one tour guide in all tours conducted by Dianne’s Venture Tours, minimum number of two customers to a maximum number of 10 customers.
Q? Can Dianne’s Venture Tours offer customised tours?
Yes, we can tailor a tour to suit you, however it would all depend on availability. We are very flexible. Please contact the office to discuss what you would like to do. All tours are adaptable.

Q? How to Book?
Fill in the booking form online. Each tour has a booking form with pricing.
Book Now and Contact Dianne's Venture Tours today 03 5952 5480
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